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Product Details:

Author(s): Kim H. Pries

Category: Embedded Systems

Date: 2010-12-08

Pages: 319

Publisher: CRC Press

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1439821402

ISBN-13: 9781439821404

Format: pdf

Book Description:

Many enterprises regard system-level testing as the final piece of the development effort, rather than as a tool that should be integrated throughout the development process. As a consequence, test teams often execute critical test plans just before product launch, resulting in much of the corrective work being performed in a rush and at the last minute. Presenting combinatorial approaches for improving test coverage, Testing Complex and Embedded Systems details techniques to help you streamline testing and identify problems before they occurincluding turbocharged testing using Six Sigma and exploratory testing methods. Rather than present the continuum of testing for particular products or design attributes, the text focuses on boundary conditions. Examining systems and software testing, it explains how to use simulation and emulation to complement testing. Details how to manage multiple test hardware and software deliveries Examines the contradictory perspectives of testingincluding ordered/ random, structured /unstructured, bench/field, and repeatable/non repeatable Covers essential planning activities prior to testing, how to scope the work, and how to reach a successful conclusion Explains how to determine when testing is complete Where you find organizations that are successful at product development, you are likely to find groups that practice disciplined, strategic, and thorough testing. Tapping into the authors decades of experience managing test groups in the automotive industry, this book provides the understanding to help ensure your organization joins the likes of these groups.

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3 Attached Programs Yellow Cards

Many the attached programs there to advance on your blog, a website, or substantially somewhere else online (the Twitter, Facebook, AdWords, etc.). So so that really there is a small reason for futz around with rags, or is worse, swindlers and idlers. Not that they can be defined all before the fact termination. But, borrowing some terminology the World championship has brought to ours nefutbolu, playing culture lips, there are some “yellow cards” precautionary signs to look out. Here my three.
Some say that they – red cards. Fraud, even. And in many cases they are right. But not always. Hence my preference to consider them as yellow preventions of a card which demand an analytical, cautious gait. But again, really there is no shortage of the attached programs which you can reveal and work; I would not be surprised, whether you decide to exhaust only with such yellow scratching attached programs.
Yellow Card #1: Not on Popular Seti Affilirovannogo of marketing
If the program do not operate and copes on the big or enough popular network affilirovannogo marketing – as the Commission Connection, LinkShare, Shareasale, etc. is – a yellow card for me. Not the automatic reject, but the suspect. These are what operate their own independent “internal” attached programs which force me to make the cautious approach. It is a payment thing – not, only it is too easy for indi to screw you on it, their power over this critical part of the transaction affilirovannogo marketing substantially, well, in general, actually absolute.
Thing about networks of the adult young man – that they pay to you. They, in turn, receive funds from dealers. As it is a name of adult young men, business and funds on a line, they take certain measures to guarantee that the dealer has money for game. No, at them is not present breaking patella Guidos on the pay-sheet (at least, I do not think so) – they do it is pleasant to clever small things, demand, that dealers have adjusted and have brought funds in accounts in advance, considers use of networks to pay to us. Adult young men even supervise these accounts, demanding that they to be supported in the certain minimum levels based on designed movement and commercial activity. Practical result: With the attached networks it – likelier which us actually to pay.
Only, because the program is independent, instead of on one of these networks automatically does not mean that it not, go, anyway. Only the yellow scratching. Program MyHelpHub and a line of products, for example, are independent, but it has the made right me within years, I have advanced them as, branch. And undoubtedly there are still many there in the same way as they.
Then there are those programs which use interesting “technology” of percent of impression, using originals of processing of orders as Fast Profit of Action and Secret for 7$. With those we join, are in essence paid directly, with the payments of the order going directly in our accounts PayPal. If programs which use that technology, have to be yellow scratching on any reason, it will not be probable for the basic problems of payment.
Yellow Card #2: Nothing Is on sale, Putting Page
It is interesting since dealers, we know that it takes typical repeated contacts and podverganiya messages before the prospect will be transformed to the paying client. Thus it is not strange or unusual to see landing page which is rather persevering or even mainly tries to force prospect to sign or subscribe on the free list of addressees of the dealer, usually instead of reception of free this or that (the message, ebook, access of area of the participant, etc.). No attempt is made to sell something on the first contact. The technics works rather well, especially for information products. For the dealer, anyhow.
Thing, branch (you) who has sent movement originally…, you only have been missed from a loop and basically are screwed.
Well, not always. Aforementioned program MyHelpHub, for example, does it correctly, using cookies and technology of procaking IP for appropriate attached indemnification. Any way not, how much oshibkoustoychivyy – nothing – but is a way better than if you do not see the same strategy “any building of the list of sale”, made dealers ClickBank, for example, that with raw materials of Klikbenka attaches coding of a direction to which do not satisfy in general for the future attached procaking of sale.
It is valid – one of those areas where you require at least good practical knowledge of that, happens, technically for you in a condition properly to estimate, if your efforts are properly tracked and financed or not. But irrespective of technology in use, seeing this kind of the technics building the list used by the dealer, should irritate you. Think of it: As soon as the dealer has a contact information of prospect, anything really does not prevent to send it prospect to buy through the various mechanism of payment than that, probably being used for the attached program.
The unique real way to check up on it consists in clicking through your communications coded by branch and to see, where you finish. Even if the program has passed this test – with transport mission which tries to sell actually a product, not only collect e-mail addresses – you will still wish to recheck periodically. The dealers changing them of page of a landing and strategy, without speaking existing branches, it is not exact neslykhanny from. (Notice, how I avoided to name their cowardly.)
Yellow Card #3: the Dealer is Difficult to Communicate Directly
Consumers online know training, unfortunately – some dealers online are only awfully difficult to communicate directly. Any visible post address or telephone numbers, not even an e-mail address. At the best “the support ticket” – develops system. It – is sad parity for a course, it appears.
But it with clients. There are dealers who do it with their branches also. And we are business partners when you understand correctly downwards to it.
To thicket than not, I be able find some information of direct contact somewhere. The E-mail address, at least, it will reach a warm body who can answer any questions. But even in this case, I do not think that I should explain further why I find it I breaking it – whose intention consists in sending business, their way for our mutual benefit – should pass it crapola.
What happens, whether I can really find the contact information somewhere? It – when I pull out a redness.
(This article has originally appeared on Wordpreneur.com.)

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Product Details:

Author(s): Sam Helwany

Category: Mechanical Engineering

Date: 2007-03-16

Pages: 400

Publisher: Wiley

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0471791075

ISBN-13: 9780471791072

Format: pdf

Book Description:

Predicting soil behavior by constitutive equations that are based on experimental findings and embodied in numerical methods, such as the finite element method, is a significant aspect of soil mechanics. Engineers are able to solve a wide range of geotechnical engineering problems, especially inherently complex ones that resist traditional analysis.

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Joan of Arc and Richard III: Sex, Saints, and Government in the Middle Ages
Bertho & Boidin – Endurance – One Shot
Chest X-Ray Made Easy by Jonathan Corne

Accept Credit cards on The Website – Trading Inverted commas of the Account

Presence of own website of the company only has no great value to your sales. Potential clients can like your goods and services, but skirmishes of payments and waiting for billing could limit them from creation of purchases. If you provide their convenience of payment with a credit card on your website, they would like to come back again and also to send your company to another also.
Purchase and sale on the Internet save a lot of time of clients just as yours. The client can pass products and services that you offer and quickly do payment for purchase made. Internet sales and marketing begin way number one to be engaged in commerce all over the world so if you yet do not accept credit card processing, you should be registered in this choice in the near future.
To accept a credit card on your website, you at first should open the trading account. The bank or financial institution will approve you for the trading account. The request of the trading account is easy & idle time. Everything that you should make, fill the statement online and represent it. During the day you receive the answer from, the dealer consider the service provider.
The credit card processing features, allowed clients from all over the world to see your website and to do shopping in at any time. Fast and convenient experience of visiting of shop will return them to you and will expand your basis of the client as a result increase in your profit.

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Product Details:

Author(s): Michael McCarthy

Category: English

Date: 2010

Pages: 180

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0521788565

Format: pdf, mp3

Book Description:

To the student: – This book has been written to help you learn new vocabulay. There are around 1250 new words and phrases. Every new word or phrase is used in a sentence, or in a conversation, or has a picture with it, or has some explanation of what it means. On the right-hand page there are exercises and other activities to help you practice using the words and to help you remember them. You can use it yourseft without teacher. To the teacher: – This book can be used in class. The vocobulary has been chosen for its usefulness in every situations, and the authors consulted a writen and spoken corpus of present day English to help them decide on the words or phrases to be included. The new vocabulary is on average 20-25 items per unit….There is an index with pronunciation for all the key vocabulary, a table of phonetic symboys, and an answer key at the end of this book.

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- Shortage of the Reasons of Nationalization Home Trained Children to Have the prevention Two Heads?

Dust which I hear, what you speak? I could not agree more. I find it rather amusing that “scientists” and mass-media consider the house trained child and the parent this way. Argument number one against homeschooling – a clever word of “nationalisation” in other words shortage of social interaction with others through training.
It easily avoid, joining the numerous organisations, including, independent programs of research and specialised groups of enrichment for physical culture, arts, music, and debate. The majority is also active in public groups, studying through performance. Children formed in the house in general socialise the same way by which schoolboys do with other children: outside of school, through personal visitings and through teams, clubs, and religious groups etc.
The majority of house parents of formation often asserted that their alternative actually increases “nationalisation” of the student. They assert that educational year – unique time in human life that it or it will be artificial separate in chronologically resolute groups. They say that home formed children have more normal interaction with people of all age. It will lead to a greater influence on the child from adults, and it is less from other children, leading to more mature young citizens, still holding friends and co-operating with children of the same age.
In 1999 statement from National Association of Formation that, “house training cannot give to the student all-round experience of formation”. It is amusing then which in the beginning of month shows that home the trained students actually more socially and are academically advanced than their peers. Patrick Beshem from Institute Keto and the author of research tell one of the greatest inverted commas ever (and concerns with my heading of comparison), “are not surprising in intellectual terms, but it really turns the main comical opposition to house training – that it makes social mentally retarded – on his head.” “Almost one quarter home carries out the trained students of one or more grades above their peers of level of age in comprehensive schools and private schools,” Beshem has told. Really, research has quoted results that the Grade 8, the average home trained student carries out four years of training above an average national indicator.
According to results of the research, the trained child typical home is more mature, is on friendly terms, is happy, thoughtful, competent, and it is better socialised than students in comprehensive schools or private schools and smaller quantity of the dependent of the peer and an exhibition “the self-respect, according to research is considerable above”.
Where this nationalisation – the governmental crowd of school, always advances as the reason for not house training? Last advertising – that home trained children, even thus that probably is better formed, only cannot be socialised in house school settlement. Once again distinction between the theory and practice shows only contrast. Socially, house schoolboys socialise in akkompanementakh football, football akkompanementakh, special events, ski trips, clubs of astronomy, church groups, on the Internet etc. So please, help me to find this shortage of nationalisation among house schoolboys, thus we can eradicate it and stop to deprive of their this most important active?. What do you think?
Copyright 2006 Matt Weight

Medicine and Duty: The World War I Memoir of Captain Harold W. Mcgill, Medical Officer 31st Battalion C.E.F. (Legacies Shared) by Marjorie Barron Norris, Patrick Brennan downloads torrent download torrent

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Product Details:

Author(s): Marjorie Barron Norris, Patrick Brennan

Category: History

Date: 2007-05-15

Pages: 406

Publisher: University of Calgary Press

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1552381935

ISBN-13: 9781552381939

Format: PDF

Book Description:

Medicine and Duty is the World War I memoir of Harold McGill, a medical officer in the 31st (Alberta) Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force. McGill attempted to have his memoir published by Macmillan of Canada in 1935, but unfortunately, due to financial constraints, the company was not able to complete the publication. Decades later, editor Marjorie Norris came upon a draft of the manuscript in the Glenbow Archives and took it upon herself to resurrect McGills story. Norris's painstaking archival research and careful editing skills have brought back to light a gripping first-hand account of the 31st Battalion and, on a larger scale, of Canada's participation in World War I. A wealth of additional information, including extensive notes and excerpts from letters written “from the trenches,” lends a new sense of immediacy and realism to the original memoir, and provides a fascinating, harrowing glimpse into the day-to-day life of Canadian soldiers during the Great War.

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How To be prepared For College

Every autumn, as the new class of beginners begins college their career at schools on all country. It is fascinating time for everything, but beginners transfer burden of adjustment to a life out of door, to familiar friends, and environment from which they are convenient. There are many things, which children and parents can make to make transition to a college life more convenient. It guarantees that pleasant memoirs are made, even if a few pressure is felt. Normally to worry, but anybody should not have so bad experience, they rush back home by the end of the first semestre. The first thing from which parents should help the children, makes sure a vehicle which the beginner takes with them, is in good repair. The repair shop of a brake or automobile service of repair can help. However, if parents go and go down the children at school because vehicles are not allowed for the beginner, it is still good idea to check up a thing before the trip will begin.
Then, understand that your room of a hostel is going to be dark, dark, and boring. There is no reason to live this way, though, so shop for brightly colour room dycor which will help you to feel houses. It is chance to create a place which is completely yours and if you have a neighbour in a room, two of you can connect your heads and create an elegant, improbable room. Believe that purchasing salutatory bedding, school deliveries for your table, brightly painted curtains, and a rug do linoleum or the concreted floor by warmer and the invitation.
Decorating your room, be convinced that included some parts from the house. Photos of friends of the family and high school will go a long way to nostalgia prevention. However, do not surround itself with these old memoirs to an essence that you avoid to do new memoirs with new friends. Can be difficult to reach at first there and to socialise with people whom you do not know, but all beginners are in the same boat. Weaken and make itself opened for new events.
Parents should make sure that their children have a few extreme money in case something unexpected happens. While it, probably, not fine idea to send your young adult with a credit card, giving them, access to a small amount of cash could not admit them in a dangerous situation. If you are disturbed by them bearing cash, give them in advance paid credit card with the limited quantity for unexpected situations. Services of payment online can help also, and they allow you to do payments from distance.
Remember that for the beginner it is easy to lose a track of that they eat, when their lists change so resolutely. They, probably, do not have time for regular food intakes, and it is easy to order a pizza with friends during all evening sessions of research. Hold the room of a hostel supplied with healthy snack to avoid terrible “the beginner fifteen” weight increases.

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Product Details:

Author(s): Sue Grafton

Category: Fiction Other

Date: 2005-11-29

Pages: 320

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0312353812

ISBN-13: 9780312353810

Format: pdf,rtf,epub,lit,lrf,mobi

Book Description:

This book is not only truly groundbreaking, it is also a plain ol' great mystery. Grafton keeps Kinsey busy interviewing suspects, following leads, and stirring up trouble. Kinsey's work is pretty much her life, and except for the occasional evening with a handsome stranger, you can expect her to stay focused on the case. Unless you prefer your mysteries soft and cozy, you'll enjoy Kinsey Millhone and her straight-forward approach to crime.

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Creation of the High Income Through the Branch Advertizing On the Internet

Advancement within business affilirovannogo marketing not so rigidly as some people could accept. Depending on dreams or even the reason directly behind someone registered to specific programs affilirovannogo marketing, you will find out ways with which any can make something of the modest additional salary completely to some kind of the main income. Personal owners of a site everywhere already had possibility to include advertisements on the websites in exchange for some dollars here and there, while the considerable companies already are in position to make huge pieces of money simply, advertising various other websites by means of their specific Sites.
It is a marketing method which has zero obstacles without restrictions. People who have an extensive experience of the past Online just as massive financial budgets, are equally approved as those who knows nothing about computer systems and also very limited financial resources. The organisations can probably wish to be presented through those who is inclined to tempt massive quantity of new clients, but in the truth any marketing which they can seize which they are going to use, especially if it is free.
For the person or the woman new to actual area, one thing which should be really executed, will choose the supplier, or even a choice of firms for your Site to advertise. There is a huge choice of Sites which offer branches chance be able directly join through their sites, in addition to set of the attached sites of the program which represent much clientile, is typical in the same market. More essential industries along with specific possibility of the further improvement or even huge goods turnover of business are probably most probable to prosper for any new Internet dealer.
Playing area of a network among some which received massive results, overturning billions dollars annually. Along with the international bait just as continuously growth clientile specific sports sector of a bet among greatest of them it is included under more ekspansivnym a banner of games online. The sports bet and always was the general prosecution for men and women all over the world, for this reason its appeal only has not been limited by separate sites or the countries. It is in itself helps to make it the best market to begin your own personal attached business.
In the same way as many of playing programs affilirovannogo marketing of sectors the sports bet gives to their specific branches percent from the capital of players which has been earned for that site. Money is made basically as soon as they lose any bet, therefore each time when the player does not win, the attached dealer really wins. With the attached dealers earning approximately 35 % of money of the player who were registered by means of their Site not to see really difficult precisely as the income can easily start to flow as soon as you receive some clients.
Contrary to the majority of industries the actual attached dealers at all just as brutal when business reaches competition for absolutely new clients, therefore is final not difficultly for beginners be able monopolise their own market. However, to turn to the favourable attached dealer you should involve originally a quiet current of the intended movement through your Site. Presence of visitors you never can expect to receive solving clicks on the current communications just as ability presence to start to earn real money. For this reason as with all sites it can be in your essential interests to lift your presence of Sites, by means of advertising and marketing

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Author(s): Jaymie Holland

Category: Romance Novels

Date: 2011-05-21

Publisher: Pink Zebra Publishing

Language: English

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Format: pdf,epub,mobi,lit,rtf,lrf,html,txt

Book Description:

Product Description: Stevie Farrell decided to give online dating a try and found the man of her dreams. Hes sexy, intelligent, educated, successful Only problem is that he lives across the country, over three thousand miles away.Night after night Stevie spends time with Seth via webcam and instant messaging, even going as far as to strip for him on camera and tell him her hottest sexual fantasies. He promises to fulfill her fantasy of a man coming into her home at night and taking her, but considering hes so far away, she doesnt know how he could possibly pull it off. One night Stevie falls asleep thinking about Seth, but wakes upa man is in her bed and he wants her. Suddenly she doesnt know where the fantasy ends and where reality begins. With the masked stranger in her bedand a night of erotic thrills begins… Except one night isnt enough.A tasty Taboo nibble of over 11,000 words plus free excerpts!About JaymieJaymie Holland is the romantic erotica alter-ego of New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cheyenne McCray. Jaymies work should always be handled with oven mitts!Cheyennes books have received multiple awards and nominations, including*RT Book Reviews magazines Reviewers Choice awards for Best Erotic Romance of the year and Best Paranormal Action Adventure of the year*Three RT Book Reviews nominations, including Best Erotic Romance, Best Romantic Suspense, and Best Paranormal Action Adventure.*Golden Quill award for Best Erotic Romance*The Road to Romances Reviewers Choice Award*Gold Star Award from Just Erotic Romance Reviews*CAPA award from The Romance StudioCheyenne grew up on a ranch in southeastern Arizona. She has been writing ever since she can remember, back to her kindergarten days when she penned her first poem. She always knew one day she would write novels, hoping her readers would get lost in the worlds she created, just as she experienced when she read some of her favorite books.Chey has three sons, two dogs, and is an Arizona native who loves the desert, the sunshine, and the beautiful sunsets. Visit Chey's website at CheyenneMcCray.com and meet up with her at Cheyenne McCrays Place on Facebook! For Jaymies ReadersBe sure to visit JaymieHolland.com and Jaymies Facebook Page for the latest news, other books, and upcoming releases! Feel free to contact Jaymie (Chey) at Jaymie@JaymieHolland.com

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Get Real Greetings: Creating Cards for Your Sassiest Sentiments
Pocket9001 | DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 – nderungen und Auswirkungen
Study Guide for Andersen/Taylor's Sociology Understanding a Diverse Society, 4th (9780495000

Affilirovannyj marketing in This Terrible Economy

The message concerning Affilirovannogo of marketing!
Recession checks your life, the finance, health, and t.d during these rigid times.
The year full of Abundance, Prosperity and the big Love and Happiness.
Today, the Internet – a place to be. Alternative to Work search. It is unprecedented from this, someone operates Business and has no website or presence online. People from all social classes have made the mad sums of money and have reached their purposes and dreams.
Now, I have mentioned earlier that I was the absolute beginner or the BEGINNER as the majority of people is mentioned. My degree of knowledge concerning the world online has been limited to check of my mail, using Word or sometimes Excel on work.
I wanted business that:

If small or any investments have demanded for start (it was the main thing),
Could Work houses if I wanted to
Did not require any vocational education or knowledge
Did not demand my presence all time
I could begin workers uikendy within several hours
Made me money in my absence
Has given me time freedom
I could like to work with and to help another with the situation (other important person)
There are many things which can be made on the Internet as:

Business of Affilirovannogo of marketing
Internet shops
The attached Programs
Information products
Network formation
The minimum investments to begin with
Any Cost of Working out of new production
Any Problems of Servicing
Any Navigable headaches
Any complications of Stock/warehousing
What Affilirovannyj marketing?
Sale of other products of the people and services and earning the commissions from them. It is how much simple it.
What did I do to reach so far?
1) AT FIRST – has made decision to change my life and a life of others which have contacted with me. The Internet was in the way to go. Someone has fairly told: -
You will reach that you want in a life when you help enough to many other things to reach that they want – AS TRUE!
2) SECOND – has taken measures. The reason that 85 %-s' people cannot reach success because they have no possibility to connect an interval between private world of Thoughts and Ideas and an external world of Results. This bridge – ACTION. Even if it is a tiny step forward, only make it. You cannot reach, all fine – only receive this movement.
3) EXECUTE are HAPPENS – Even after you have taken measures, the life is not easy – specially for the Beginner as I who wishes to begin an additional source of the income, a passive source, house based business which can run on AUTO-PILOT.I, had many ideas but how I was going to construct a website? How I was going to lift it on the Internet? Again I depended from Good Old me – certainly.
I hope that I was able concern a chord in your life and that it will help you:
Promote in the life
Pursue and carry out the dreams – you should have they at first
Lead a life, you always wished to live
So Friends, take my council and INVEST some time in you directly and make 2009 SURPRISING YEAR FOR YOU!

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Product Details:

Author(s): Don Lewis Wireman

Category: Sex

Date: 2012

Pages: 260

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0000000000

Format: pdf

Book Description:

This book is a satire. I hope the reader will find it to be humorous in places and mildly thought-provoking in others. Historically speaking, as a matter of ethics, many medical doctors have been reluctant to discuss sex with their patients. Even the names associated with female sexual anatomy were not printed in medical textbooksmuch less illustrated until recent years. To that end, the fictitious name of the doctor in this story shall initially be withheld from the reader by giving the doctor a second fictitious nameDr. Blankface. I'm sure he'd want it that way if he were a real doctor.

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Geare Australia – Issue #67 (HQ PDF)
Albatrosses (Australian Natural History Series)
Losers' Consent: Elections and Democratic Legitimacy by Christopher J. Anderson downloads torrent

The most important Thing In ELECTRONIC COMMERCE

Developing a website, it is possible to become quickly so shipped that you can lose wood for trees. When it occurs, you risk be unable underline the most important thing in electronic commerce.
Movement manufacture. Movement – a unique most important thing in electronic commerce. Movement – number of visitors which are accepted by your site. You place, should be developed to involve movement from so many sources as far as possible. It means to turn both your homepage and internal pages of a site in transport generators.
The majority of people develops websites back. They spend improbable quantity of time, effort and money on development of their site, really without thinking, as they will involve movement. It can lead to problems. While the majority of people concentrates on the homepage as on primary title page of a site, there is the best approach.
Sites which do the majority of money, are what use almost each page of their site to pull trade in one form or another. Let's consider a site, selling 500 various products. The typical site will be developed with a database containing products. Each page of a product then is dynamically made. Pages are aligned in some hierarchy within a site, and it about all.
The best approach should optimise each of pages of a product within a site. Let's assume that I sell various types of fastenings of a pipe for house improvement. Each page should be optimised, using the keywords identified through research. Even if I cannot find keywords for all products, I should optimise each page with at least phrase of common sense connected with a product on it.
Why it is important? Well, think of it within a minute. If I have 500 optimised pages of a product, and each of them enter beating of 5 visitors in day I will have 2 500 visitors in day. For 30-day month which works out the equation to 75 000 additional visitors. New turned additional 750 sales in a month with small or any effort at 1 sale for 100 visitors and at me is. Assume that I get profit at a rate of 20$ for sale, and I do 15 000$.
If I not in a condition to optimise these pages, I pass 15 000$ every month. More than year which is made 180 000$ in profit by me only, has passed. It – is valid something, what any site presumes to make to itself? Optimise within the internal pages!

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Product Details:

Author(s): James Glimm

Category: Mathematics

Date: 1990-09

Pages: 334

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0821814877

ISBN-13: 9780821814871

Format: Djvu

Book Description:

The ideas of John von Neumann have had a profound influence on modern mathematics and science. One of the great thinkers of our century, von Neumann initiated major branches of mathematics from operator algebras to game theory to scientific computing and had a fundamental impact on such areas as self-adjoint operators, ergodic theory and the foundations of quantum mechanics, and numerical analysis and the design of the modern computer. This volume contains the proceedings of an AMS Symposium in Pure Mathematics, held at Hofstra University, in May 1988. The symposium brought together some of the foremost researchers in the wide range of areas in which von Neumann worked. These articles illustrate the sweep of von Neumann's ideas and thinking and document their influence on contemporary mathematics. In addition, some of those who knew von Neumann when he was alive have presented here personal reminiscences about him. This book is directed to those interested in operator theory, game theory, ergodic theory, and scientific computing, as well as to historians of mathematics and others having an interest in the contemporary history of the mathematical sciences. This book will give readers an appreciation for the workings of the mind of one of the mathematical giants of our time.

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Author(s): Kim Rogers

Category: Biology

Date: 1998-05-15

Pages: 264

Publisher: Humana Press

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0896035395

ISBN-13: 9780896035393

Format: pdf

Book Description:

Product Description: A cutting-edge collection of detailed, step-by-step techniques and protocols for constructing, evaluating, and using affinity-based biosensors. Ideal for novices starting research in their field or experienced researchers wanting to use a biosensor for a specific analytical measurement, the methods detailed here allow biochemists, analytical chemists, microbiologists, and engineers to successfully apply biosensor technology to their specific problems. The techniques include the use of antibodies and membrane receptors to construct optical, thermal, acoustic, and electrochemically based biosensors. Additional techniques involve antibodies, receptors, nucleic acids, liposomes, and eukaryotic cells. A companion volume, Enzyme and Microbial Biosensors: Protocols and Techniques, by Mulchandani & Rogers, concentrates on enzyme-biosensors.

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Author(s): T. Ramamurthy, S.K. Bhattacharya

Category: Medicine

Date: 2010

Pages: 299

Publisher: Springer

Language: English

ISBN-10: 160327264X

Format: PDF

Book Description:

Though cholera is an ancient disease, its perennial occurrence in several parts of the world has attracted many researches to find ways and means to combat the disease. The prevailing seventh pandemic cholera is dominating since 1961, but the dimension of the disease has taken several silhouettes, as the genetic structure and functions of the Vibrio cholerae has changed to a great extent. Several recent studies have shown that transformation of the pathogen at the molecular level has ameliorated several cholera outbreaks and epidemics of with successive new clones of V. cholerae. This comprehensive compilation, written by eminent international researchers reviews the epidemiology of cholera in Africa, Asia, Russia and Latin Americas. The other chapters contributed by acclaimed authors cover various aspects on evolution, polysaccaharide biosynthesis, SXT element, integrons, small molecule signalling systems, flagellar synthesis, filamentous phages, pathogenic role of proteases and hemolysin, and other putative virulence factors. In addition, ecology of V. cholerae and management of cholera were also discussed in detail. This book will be good source of information to all researchers with interests in infectious diseases, microbiology and molecular biology.

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